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"The minute I stepped in the room with Ranessa, I immediately knew I was in good hands.  Ranessa has the uncanny ability to immediately put one at ease and instill a sense of peace and nurturing.  During my first session with Ranessa, I was literally transformed.  My racing heart calmed, my fists relaxed and my body began to ease.  I've never felt such an intense sense of physical and emotional relief in a short time, and without the aid of anyting ofther than another human being!  Ranessa truly has a gift, and one that should be shared!  Her use of essential oils only enhances the experience.  I have gone back since, and will do so again.  A session with Ranessa is something that should not be missed.  


~ M.C.

"It is a privilege to have energy healing sessions with Ranessa Porter. Her work is outstanding! Ranessa is able to create and be a space for deep healing. I have had countless massages and energy healing sessions during my 40+ years in the Holistic Field, and Ranessa's sessions rank in the "BEST" category. If you want a deeply healing experience and feel energetically 'held' see Ranessa.


 ~ R.N.

"I recently received an Integrated Energy healing from Ranessa Porter.  I was in the midst of emotional upheaval over a situation in my life.  Ranessa and I did not discuss the situation, but during the healing I felt a tremendous amount of energy flowing throughout my body and, especially, into my heart.  I felt a lifting away of the feeling of upheaval and betrayal.  After the healing, I found a new emotional, mental, and spiritual perspective on the situation.  I found my center again, feeling peaceful and having constructive thoughts about dealing with the situation.  I have found Ranessa to be compassionate, respectful and skilled as a healer and a woman."     


~ S,O,.

I was unable to visit Ranessa's office due to dire pain.  She sent me distance healing, and immediately I was overcome with tingles and a feeling of relaxation. I knew she had connected right on target to where my pain was because my trouble spots were warmer than the rest of me.  Also, I went through a restless and sleepless summer.  Her aromatherapy blends and blessed Reiki hands brought me some serene and peaceful nights.

- N.G


Ranessa is a gifted healer and a wonderful soul. When I was looking for energy healing a friend recommended Ranessa. After every session I feel better and ready to conquer the world. Ranessa is so supportive and understanding. Her work has been sunshine on a cloudy day! Thank you for the healing and guidance. I definitely recommend Ranessa.


~ E,N.


"Ranessa is a gifted healer. From the moment that I entered her healing space to long after I left, I felt comforted and cared for by Ranessa's gentle presence and powerful healing touch. Her aromatherapy and energy work are enormously supportive and transforming. After twenty years as a consumer of the healing arts and as a practitioner, I recommend Ranessa. 

~ K.K

Ranessa, I’m not sure if I’ve ever thanked you formally, but I attribute my almost decade-long spiritual growth trajectory to my first ever otherworldly healing session with you many, many moons ago. You’re a much needed gift to this planet, truly.

` - M.R.

"I am a survivor of Bladder Cancer, and Ranessa is part of my survival story. She is a healer and deeply understands the complex relationship between disease processes, the body, the mind and the spirit. She has an excellent knowledge base in essential oils and their healing/hurting properties. She is deeply compassionate, intuitive and channels pain and negative energy away from the body so that after a treatment with her, I felt euphoric, energized, hopeful, pain free, more mobile, and connected to the sources of energy in the body and outside of the body that can continue to facilitate healing.  I felt blessed to be the recipient of her unique woman centered, earth and Goddess centered pastoral counseling, energy and bodywork.


~ B.M.

"I would like to thank you for the healing you gave me the other day. As you already know, I was feeling very tired and exhausted. After the healing, I felt energized and much lighter. As if a weight has been taken off of me. I especially liked how you incorporated the essential oils in your healing session along with IET. It made a big difference for me and profound changes in my well being. I feel happier and stronger as result of your genuine intention to improve my overall health. You have a beautiful gift and I am looking forward to more healing sessions with you in the future!" 

~ Leo D.

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