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Reiki Healing

Usui Reiki  

Pronounced ray-kee, Reiki is a relaxing and restorative energy-balancing modality. In Japanese, the word Reiki means spritually guided (Rei) life force energy (ki), and receiving Reiki connects you to this goodwilled, intelligent and naturally healing energy.  A Reiki session may also include crystals or essential oils, which also have healing vibrations.  Reiki is an excellent modality for supporting physical, mental and emotional well-being as well as for spiritual growth and transformation.   Specifically, this to not only explore who you are authentically, but also to develop your life.  This modality can help you make meaning out of your experiences while it increases your connection to divine love.  

Integrated Energy Therapy Angel

Integrated Energy Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) uses angelic energy to gently release the hurt and the pain of the past, which can keep you from thriving.  Often emotional injuries or traumatic experiences create energy blockages both within our bodies and within our subtle energy fields especially if we have not worked through these painful experiences.   These trapped emotions often keep you from even envisioning your best life.  How can you pursue your best life if you're not in a position to envision it?  So, the main goal of IET is to help you feel well enough to imagine your highest potential and to help you manifest this potential.   

Benefits of Integrated Energy Therapy

  • Increased connection to your angels and guides, which helps you work with them in your life 

  • Helps you achieve your intentions easily, naturally and gracefully

  • Gentle yet powerful support for releasing the pain and hurt of the past on all levels including physical, emotional, mental, karmic and spiritual

  • Empowerment to discover and to manifest your Soul’s purpose, your truth and your heart’s desires on Earth


  • Heightened ability to attract your soul family and to increase  helpful synchronicities

What to Expect

With you lying fully clothed on a massage table, the practitioner lightly touches different points on your body to conduct the healing energy of eight different healing angels.  These angels include archangels Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael .  After the angelic energy releases emotional blockages from your cells, the practitioner then pulls emotional blockages from your energy field.   Once those blockages have released, the angels replace the released energy with positive and empowering energy.  These positive, empowering energetic imprints counterbalance what you've released.  

Many people have reported not only feeling relaxed, but also  that they felt lighter after a session.  Other clients have reported that changes occurred so naturally that they only realized that a change had occurred when family and friends began to remind them of how they used to be.   

Types of Integrated Energy Therapy Sessions

Masters Level Practitioners offer four types of Integrated Energy Therapy® sessions.  These sessions are the basic, intermediate, advanced and master level sessions.   The basic and intermediate sessions heal your cellular memory and your energy field.   The advanced sessions connect you to your truth, to your power, and to your life purpose.   The master sessions heighten your ability to attract the people and the tools for living your life’s purpose.

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