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Ranessa Custom Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blending
Custom Aromatherapy Blending

Aromatherapeutic blends combine the therapeutic and energetic properties of several individual plant oils to make a healing blend.  A custom blend is a blend that is made to suit your specific needs.  After a short consultation, you leave with all-natural therapeutic and energetic healing products that are tailored for your situation.


These products, whether they are blended for therapeutic purposes or for energy healing purposes, are safe, powerfully effective and transformative.

What people have said....


"I absolutely love Ranessa's custom aromatherapy blends. If you're really serious about having a product that will assist in creating breakthrough moments, you have to go see Ranessa. Her blends are, in a word, POWERFUL."


~ Robin L.


"Each blend has addressed the needs of body and soul with effectiveness, gentleness, and love. This has been true of the standard products but truly shines with the custom blends. Ranessa is knowledgeable, deeply insightful and wise.  My custom blend supported my healing process physically and emotionally.  It was truly helpful.  My family and I are grateful for Heart Centered Healing


~ Sune O.


"I had a private healing session with Ranessa Porter. As the session began I spoke about what my issues were. Ranessa mixed different oils and allowed me to just relax and breathe them in.  She was really on target with my specific needs." 


~ Suzanne V.

Ranessa Custom Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blending
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