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Aromatherapy is the century's old practice of using aromatic plant oils, also called essential oils, to heal our bodies, our minds and our souls.    Research has shown that these plant oils contain concentrated chemical components with an array of therapeutic and energetic benefits.  


Therapeutic aromatherapy products support the body's natrual ability to restore itself.  


Energetic aromatherapy is uses the plant's vibration to heal your energy field.  

How aromatherapy works

It’s simple!  By smelling, by diffusing, by applying aromatherapy products to your skin, the oils deliver their healing.  When essential oils are absorbed directly into the skin, the oils begin to work by entering the blood stream.  Then the oils' concentrated, but naturally occurring chemical components initiate therapeutic effects such as calming inflammation or sedating the nervous system on the body.    

Each essential oil also carries a unique, healing vibration.  When you come in contact with the oil, the oil's vibration interacts with yours, and your energy begins resonating with the healing vibration of the oil.   This energetic exchange supports your energy in shifting, in moving and in clearing.


Bbecause the oils are so concentrated and because the oils are so powerful, essential oils need to be used with care.   Otherwise, if used incorrectly and without the proper guidance of a certified aromatherapist, essential oils can actually do more harm than good.  



CommonUses for Essential Oils

  • fight flus and respiratory illnesses

  • deodorize and disinfect

  • calm stress and anxiety

  • uplift the spirits

  • stay focused and clear

  • ease allergic reactions

  • support you through life's challenges and difficult emotions

  • facilitate meditation

  • ease pain, swelling and inflammation

  • clear negative energy

  • clear and balance chakras

  • facilitate spiritual connection and transformation

  • slow racing thoughts or overthinking

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