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About Ranessa

Since childhood, I have always been able to deeply empathize with the pain and suffering of the people and the world around me.   But it wasn't until several years ago when I first physically felt the energy of an object.   On a serendipitous trip to a crystal shop in 2010, I felt a crystal pulse in my hand.   That sensation intrigued me especially when I realized that other people couldn't feel what I was feeling.  So, I dove right into the mysteries of energy healing with crystals, with essential oils and with Reiki healing.    I embraced these tools for my own healing and self care.   They mysteriously calmed me, uplifted me, transformed me and inspired me, and I was fascinated by how this energy healing was working.  


So, in 2012, my passion for these mysterious modalities lead me to pursue formal training. I became an Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor and an Usui Reiki Master Teacher.   I became ordained as a minister of the Sacred Earth Center, an interfaith ministry established to train healers and lightworkers.  There I learned to combine Reiki and IET with earth based healing techniques.  One year later, I became a certified aromatherapist, and I learned medicinal and energetic ways to use essential oils. 


My ability to empathize with people triggered a desire to help people, and my reverence for energy work and my fascination with energy work  made energy healing a natural career choice.  With a simple goal to help people feel good, I began an energy healing practice.   


Except for IET, which is a standard protocol, I often practice energy healing intuitively.  I often feel what my client is feeling, and that insight helps me meet the client's needs.. I place my hands where spiritual guidance and intuition tells me to go.  


Truth be told though I am a better healer than I am a psychic, but sometimes I get messages, pictures, a feeling, an emotion, scents, a knowing or insights.  Sometimes, I feel the angels working through me.   Sometimes, I get nothing.  But, I always hold the intention that the client gets what he or she needs, and I know that whether I feel it or not healing is occurring.  


Before pursuing energy healing, I earned a Masters in Labor Relations from Rutgers University along with a Bachelors of Science degree in Journalism and Public Relations from West Virginia University.  I worked as a civil servant for 11 years.  

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