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About the Studio

The Mission

To encourage, to support and to empower humanity to access its innate potential for wholeness, for wellness and for peace

The Name

Most of us know rosemary as the herb that masterfully seasons chicken and potatoes, but rosemary essential oil has also been used to release subconscious obstacles to living a happly life.  


The word om, pronounced oh-mmm, is thought to be the first sound ever uttered, and it represents the peace-bearing, life-giving, healing potential that lives within us all.   ​


The name Rosemary & Om represents a formula for living one's highest, happiest, healthiest life.  This formula entails opening energetic pathways to allow a person to more easily experience his or her own innate sense of wholeness and peace. 



The Objective

With loving-kindness, with aromatherapy and with the comforting currents of energy work, Rosemary & Om strives:  ​​​

1.   To faciliate deep relaxation and self-healing


2.  To offer a safe, sacred space for healing to occur


3.  To offer compassionate counseling and support

in times of distress, discomfort, transition or transformation


4.  To help people to live their most authentic lives


5.  To inspire hope, passion, creativity and joy


6. To inspire service, empathy and compassion


7. To empower and to support people who want to share the gift of wholeness with themselves, with their communities and with the Earth through mentoring, education, community-building and spiritual development

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